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Digest Pro

Digest Pro

A blend of botanicals such as fenugreek, ginger and fennel to help support a normal healthy digestive system with digestive enzymes

- May help support the body's natural digestive process*

*provides fenugreek, ginger and fennel


Product Information

One capsule provides:Protease 3.0 (15SAPU) 14mg, Protease 4.5 (15000HUT) 30mg, Protease 6.0 (6000HUT) 12mg, Fenugreek Seed 25mg, Ginger Rhizome 25mg, Fennel Seed 25mg, Amylase (2500DU) 16.7mg, Invertase (150SU) 15mg, Glucoamylase (5AGU) 11mg, Lipase(200FCCLU) 10mg, Peptidase(2000HUT) 8mg, Diastase(200DP°) 7.4mg, Xylanase (250XU) 5mg, Cellulase (300CU) 3.8mg, Lactase (100ALU) 1mg.


INGREDIENTS: protease, vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), fenugreek seed powder, ginger rhizome powder, fennel seed powder, amylase, invertase, glucoamylase, bulking agent (rice bran), lipase, peptidase, diastase, xylanase, cellulase, lactase.


FREE FROM: Yeast and artificial flavourings and colours. Gluten free.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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